The Farm / Our Land / The Environment

We take stewardship of the land and our environment seriously. Our commitment is demonstrated by our initiatives and numerous awards. 

A stay at the Inn at Mt. Vernon Farm endorses your commitment to our environment and love of the natural world.


Maintaining our Green spaces

The Miller family has placed 605 acres of the historic Mount Vernon Farm under Conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, ensuring the land will remain open and agricultural for future generations, neighbors and guests to enjoy.

The national recognized Conservation Easement program prevents over-development while maintaining green spaces.


Restoration of Wetlands

In 2005 the Miller family took on restoration of 4 separate wetland areas on the Farm that had been removed in the 19th Century.  Today, the rebirth of the area has set the stage for the re-introduction of once lost native birds, plants and amphibians.   These micro-ecosystems play an important role in the health of the entire Farm.  We invite our guests to use our walking paths to enjoy these spaces.

In 2013 Mount Vernon Farm received the Rappahannock River Basin Grand Award for conservation practices, selected from hundreds of farms that encompass 17 counties in the Rappahannock River Basin.


Organic & Grass-fed farming practices

Our 40-year lease with Waterpenny Farms ensures their operations will be sustainable while controlling overhead.

Our friends at Heritage Hollow farms pasture their animals on our acreage and produce some of the best grass-fed meats in the region.


Local Forestry

In a collaboration with Forestry Service, the Farm seeks to reduce non-native and invasive plant species.